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November 2011

Attracting Abundance
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Attracting Abundance

Do you have anxiety about excessive financial stresses around the holidays? If you have scarcity issues, you may attract more of the same due to your limiting beliefs.  Memories of past failures have an impact on your ability to create abundance in the future. Fortunately it is possible to shift this pattern using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and other mind-body spirit approaches.

I have incorporated many of the various techniques I am including in the 18 chapters of Let Magic Happen into the protocol I use routinely with clients in my private practice.  This approach is partially summarized in the EFT tapping handout with additional imagery and color reframing components. The introduction and two sample chapters are posted at http://www.letmagichappen.com along with a table of contents.

This newsletter is linked to a Blog where I teach the individual steps of the EDANVIR tapping protocol including video demonstrations using generic phrases.  In the newsletter, I offer a different practical example each time illustrating the use of this approach with customized language for each situation. Upcoming newsletters will feature combat infertility and other topics.

This month I address abundance, because it is a universal issue which impacts everyone.  Abundance involves more than just money with implications for relationships, health and success in many different areas of life. One of my favorite teachers, EFT Master Carol Look, has written a book detailing these applications, Attracting Abundance with EFT.

I attended her first abundance workshop in 2004, and I volunteered to participate in one of her demonstrations.  My motivation to learn from Carol stemmed from an invitation I had accepted to do a large EFT workshop of my own for healthcare professionals, and I was concerned about being able to attract a sufficient audience.

When I got up on stage with her and looked out to see hundreds of people tapping in unison along with us, I felt like she was conducting a big symphony orchestra, and my fears where replaced by feelings of abundance.  She emphasized raising my emotional vibration level high enough to attract the positive outcome I was envisioning for the upcoming conference.

The organizers of the conference were worried about attendance, but after the session with Carol I told them I knew we would get more than 200 registrants. By the time I got there my abundant vision had manifested, and we had 225 people for the full day workshop which was a great success.  It was tangible evidence of the Law of Attraction in action.

EFT can be very useful in deleting past failures that lie at the root of scarcity issues.  Limiting beliefs about money can be explored using abundance games such as “Cash Comfort,” which often provokes unexpected emotional reactions from handling a $100 bill or writing a large check. Tapping on the resulting discomfort is an effective way to raise the vibrations. Expressing gratitude is also one of the secrets to abundance.

To start the EDANVIR process, you need to temporarily ENERGIZE an effective reminder phrase as detailed in the January Blog.  My phrase was, “I’m not skilled enough to attract a large audience.” I then repeated the self-acceptance statement, “Even though I’m not skilled enough to attract a large audience, I deeply and completely accept myself,” three times while rubbing the sore spot.

The second step is to DESENSITIZE the phrase by repeating it while tapping on each acupoint in the sequence with the middle finger, just long enough to say the phrase once at each point, as detailed in the February Blog.  Start with the left Eyebrow point and proceed downward to the Under Breast point, then finish with the Top of the Head point.  At the end of this first tapping sequence, take some deep cleansing breaths to let the negative energy drain back into the ground on expiration.

The third step is to AWFULIZE the anxiety as detailed in the March Blog.  Start with the original phrase at the right Eyebrow, then tap through the points using a sequence such as the following: “I’ll fail miserably; nobody will register; we won’t make any money; I feel it in in my body; it reminds of a disastrous experience in high school; I thought I was over that; I’ll never succeed.”  Finish with the original phrase at the Top of Head followed by cleansing breaths.

The fourth step is to NEUTRALIZE the energy by alternating between negative and positive phrases as detailed in the April Blog.  Start with the original phrase at the left Eyebrow, then tap through the points using a series of phrases such as the following: “My scarcity is gone; No way; maybe it is better; I’m skeptical; my anxiety is less; I can’t believe it; what if it actually works.” Finish with “My scarcity is fading mysteriously” on Top of Head and breathe again.

The fifth step is to VISUALIZE what you really want to be true using all positive language as detailed in the May Blog. Start at the right Eyebrow saying “I have emotional freedom now,” then tap through the points using a sequence such as the following: “I am abundant; my vibrations are high; I tap my way to success; I am grateful; everyone will enjoy it; people are excited to sign up; I am having fun now.”  Finish with “It feels good to be abundant” on Top of Head and breathe again.

This time continue breathing deeper and more rapidly than before with eyes closed to INTERNALIZE the healing process.  Keep the energies moving by breathing in your favorite healing color and blowing out any remaining scarcity in your body as a different color. Once the energies are circulated start shaking your arms and legs to REVITALIZE your body until the process is complete.  These final two steps are detailed in the November Blog completing the EDANVIR protocol to immunize you to stress.

While resting with your eyes closed you can go to your favorite vacation spot, or somewhere else that is safe and secure.  Use all five of your senses to get comfortable in that preferred place asking yourself: “What am I seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting?”  Look down at your feet in this place and pick up any small objects that you find such as stones or shells. Place any remaining concerns into the objects and throw them far away.

Imagine yourself in a future situation and see yourself succeeding abundantly.  Put a colored frame around this picture.  Breathe this color throughout your body.  Return to your preferred place.  Notice a gift box that you hadn’t seen before.  Open it and pull out whatever is inside. Accept the gift and the lessons you learned from your past failures.  Come back grateful and ready to move on in your life with abundance and ease.

Please review the other related materials at http://www.letmagichappen.com and the Let Magic Happen Blog.  Feel free to post any comments you have on the Blog regarding the use of this approach for Attracting Abundance. 
Happy tapping and let magic happen!
Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Image of the Month from Chapter 4


Psychics and Synchronicities: Association for Research and Enlightment

This chapter begins with an unexpected career transition and my first visit to a psychic, who made some puzzling prophecies that were later fulfilled in surprising ways.  It describes my journey from academics in Philadelphia to private practice in Virginia as I was guided by a series of remarkable synchronicities along the way.  The most important guidepost was a double synchronicity involving a near-death experience researcher that occurred in a hotel elevator on my first trip to Virginia Beach.  This life change was also marked by a shift from reading about metaphysical phenomena to experiencing them.  These experiences ranged from float tanks, to brainwave entrainment machines, to bodywork and energy healing, eventually arriving at the Association of Research and Enlightenment to explore meditation and past life regression from the Edgar Cayce perspective.