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January 2017

Intuition Research
Winter Robinson
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Medical Intuition Research

Medical intuitive Winter Robinson and I will be co-facilitating a week-long Medical Intuition and Symbolic Disease workshop at The Monroe Institute in Faber, VA, on 4/8-14/2017. Room and board are included in the registration fee for these workshops that occur in the beautiful mountains of Virginia every spring and fall. My recent blog Is Medical Intuition Real and Does It Work? highlights the limited amount of scientific research that has been done since 1992 when I had my first experience with medical intuitive Caroline Myss doing an accurate reading for me over the phone on one of my patients with a malignant bone tumor. That paradigm shifting experience led me to explore research in this mysterious field and eventually do a small pilot study through the Rhine Research Center as detailed below. The best study to date was published in 2002 and featured healer Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere who will be a keynoter at the upcoming ACEP conference in San Antonio, TX, on 5/18-22/2017 where I will be co-facilitating a preconference workshop on Messages from the Body: Accessing Somatic Consciousness for Healing.

Intuitive Diagnosis pilot study, Let Magic Happen chapter 5 excerpt:
My interest was in designing a study that would prove the validity of the technique to skeptics in the medical community. I spent the next 15 years working with a variety of researchers on different experimental models and received input from a number of talented intuitives. Unfortunately, after many false starts, we only managed to do a small inconclusive pilot study. Local intuitive Donna Gulick assisted me in designing the study of four patients with readings by eight North Carolina intuitives. In the most interesting reading, Maria Collen (from Greensboro) was slightly unnerved by the serious manner of Rhine researcher John Palmer. Wearing his scientist poker face, he arrived at her office with the patient’s name and age written on a piece of paper. She put the paper to her head, like Johnny Carson doing his Amazing Carnac routine, and easily said the correct answer, “Low back, shoulder, and leg pain.” She was temporarily transformed into Maria the Magnificent with a sense of humor to match her intuitive talent. Despite such promising anecdotes, however, it turns out that designing a study that satisfies both the skeptics and the intuitives is challenging.

Medical Intuitive Winter Robinson


Learning Intuitive Diagnosis
I met Winter met at the 1993 Society for Medical Decision Making conference. She led an experiential session on medical intuition that she had taught to Brown University medical students.  About two dozen adventuresome participants put their left brains aside for a few hours to experience her unique blend of relaxation techniques and ESP exercises.