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February 2016

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Monroe Medical Intuition Workshop, 2016 dates

Medical intuitive Winter Robinson, M.Ed., and holistic radiologist Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, are pleased to announce that our weekend workshop on Medical Intuition and Symbolic Disease has been expanded to one week at the Monroe Institute in Faber, VA, on 5/14-20 or 11/5-11/2016. The 2015 reviews from the previous 3 sold-out workshops recommended a longer format, as we just explored the tip of the intuitive iceberg in a weekend. The registration fee includes room and board with a more in-depth description of the experience in the February Let Magic Happen blog on Understanding and Healing Symbolic Diseases. Here is a short 5 minute interview with Winter and I after the very first weekend workshop on a cold and blustery December afternoon. We have moved the new dates to the spring and fall when the Virginia mountain weather will be beautiful. For more information on what has been added to the expanded format including an emphasis on Somatic Metaphors described by rheumatologist/immunologist/psychiatrist Brian Broom please see below:

Weeklong format:
We are expanding the discussion of the Chinese five elements as a valuable approach to understanding symptoms, focusing on a different element each day with the corresponding chi gong exercises. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) will be combined with imagery to address somatic metaphors in symbolic diseases and create new healing habits for health. One volunteer from the participants will be chosen each day for a demonstration of combined intuitive diagnosis and EFT/metaphorical imagery sessions. Each morning will begin with group dream interpretation based on the dream diaries kept by participants.  The rest of the morning will be devoted to CHEC unit intuitive experiences featuring Hemi-Sync technology and voiceover guided imagery.  In the afternoon participants will have the opportunity to practice their own intuitive diagnosis and EFT skills. The workshop is held in a small group setting of no more than 24, so sign up early to reserve your spot for this unique experience.  Please join us for a fun and rewarding week.

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Winter Robinson, M.Ed., is internationally recognized as an author, teacher, consultant and medical intuitive, adept at facilitating the intuitive process, multi-sensory development and exploring human consciousness. She has also created a series of guided imagery CDs to help the listener reduce stress and deepen the alliance with the source of inner wisdom. A board-certified therapist who graduated from the University of Virginia (M.Ed.), Winter began her career as a therapist at the Addiction Research Foundation (Toronto). She headed up a pilot study facilitating the art of medicine (medical intuition) to medical students at Brown University. For many years Winter was a TMI residential trainer and a research subject in the institute lab.