SOLVING Problems with Intuitive Imagery

Apr 18, 2013
Posted by Larry Burk | 0 comments

An abbreviated version of The House of Intuition imagery exercise in Dr. Marcia Emery’s Intuition Workbook led to an unexpected After-Death Communication experience for me a year after my dad’s death in 1994, as described in the April 2013 Let Magic Happen newsletter. Her intuitive problem solving technique can be used for many other purposes as demonstrated in its entirety on this 10 minute video with a shortened version outlined below:

The steps modified from are as follows:
1) Select a question that may have several possible answers and has not yielded to the usual left-brain decision-making processes.
2) Set the intention to receive valuable and useful information from your right brain.
3) Close your eyes and imagine a container with a lid on it. Open the lid. Reach your hand in and pull out whatever is inside it.
4) Very carefully examine what you find. Ask yourself questions about the meaning that it might have.
5) Store that image away for future reference and close the lid. Now reach under the container to find a book hiding there.
6) What is the title of the book? Are you familiar with it? Is it an old favorite or something new? Open the book to any page and read the text or look at the pictures.
7) Ponder what you read or saw. Close the book and thank your right brain for helping you solve your problem.
8) Spend some creative time with the images by free associating with other words or ideas and drawing pictures, then linking those back to the original question.
9) Set the intention that you will understand the meaning of the images when the time is right. Be open to any possibility.
Excerpted from the Appendix of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist.