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Photo by Dagmar Ehling

2O-minute free consult via phone in the United States or Zoom out of the country.
80-minute Zoom coaching session for $200.
4 Zoom coaching sessions discounted for $720.

Photo by Dagmar Ehling

2O-minute free consult via phone in the United States or Zoom out of the country.
80-minute Zoom coaching session for $200.
4 Zoom coaching sessions discounted for $720.

Larry Burk offers 20-minute free phone or Zoom consults to evaluate your goals and determine if it is a fit to do coaching work together. He will act as your guide on your healing journey using EFT, hypnosis, dreamwork, expressive writing and the Enneagram (psychospiritual personality typing) to explore and transform the symbolic messages from your body related to anger, fear, shame or grief. This approach is particularly useful for healing pain and inflammation in your muscles, joints, pelvis, spine, chest, sinuses and skin. We will begin by reviewing your life story looking for moments in your past where you lost energy that you would like to get back to jumpstart your healing process. By keeping a dream diary and incubating questions about your health you may find the key to transformation is waiting for you in your subconscious mind. In his tapping protocol, EFT and hypnosis will be used in conjunction with breathwork and therapeutic shaking to release trapped emotions that are stuck in your meridian and chakra systems. This approach, which can be thought of as a treasure hunt, often produces rapid positive results in just a few sessions and is also useful in relieving stress and enhancing your performance.

Larry is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner and is also certified in hypnosis. He co-facilitates the monthly Dream Study Group at the Rhine Research Center. He is certified to use EFT on the shadow issues of the lower four chakras by Margaret Lynch Raniere. He was certified as a Yes Code abundance coach by Carol Look in 2019. His background as an acupuncture practitioner and musculosketelal radiologist gives him a unique perspective as a coach although he no longer practices acupuncture and has retired from radiology practice. He was one of the early researchers in MRI of the shoulder and has healed his own bilateral chronic shoulder pain using the techniques he now employs in his coaching practice. To become an online coaching client, please contact him here. See multiple TESTIMONIALS below for a wide ranges of issues.

Frozen Shoulder: I very quickly regained full range of motion of my shoulder. I don’t recall the actual time span but it was only weeks. Compared to the months of physical therapy, injected steroids, oral steroids, and NSAIDs that I had endured, it was a miracle! I have had no other problems with that shoulder.

L. H.

Frozen Shoulder: I had breath-stealing shoulder pain. I was nearing the one year mark. Months of grueling PT, dry needling and fascia work was helping until the pain returned with a sudden and frightening intensity. I attended the online workshop for tapping because I had tried everything else. I have used EFT for emotions but not for real, searing pain. I was willing but not overly optimistic. After our process with Dr Burk, I carefully dressed for bed, barely moving my arm. I didn't even want to know if it didn't work. I woke in the morning pain free. And I stayed pain free for 3 weeks. When the pain crept back I was so flustered I could only remember to initiate the sequence with the pain point at the ribs. I did this over and over. Only that part. I was so frantic. It's funny now. Because it worked: the pain is gone. My range of movement is unhindered.

B. C.

Pain and Frozen Shoulder: I have learned so much over the past 2 years on how to take care of myself through my coaching sessions with Dr. Burk. I awoke one morning in 2018 with a pain in my left shoulder that quickly developed into a terrible case of frozen shoulder complicated by CRPS with arm swelling. After trying traditional western medicine treatments that did not help, I was referred to Dr. Burk by a pain psychologist I was seeing at the time to help me cope with the excruciating pain associated with the frozen shoulder. In addition to techniques such as EFT and dream analysis, Dr. Burk’s coaching sessions provided me tremendous insights into how emotional stress can lead to physical pain. I am doing so much better. The pain and limited range of motion in my shoulder have improved. My coaching sessions with Dr. Burk have helped move my healing forward along with other therapies that he encouraged me to try such as massage therapy and acupuncture. Thank you, Dr. Burk!

L. W.

Shouldering Financial Burdens: Since I began working with Larry Burk on monthly EFT coaching calls, he has helped me transform a major fundraising challenge at work from a “heavy emotional burden” that was causing pain in my left arm and shoulder into an exciting creative opportunity. On each call we begin with a tapping session to address my current need or concern, then bring in a recent dream to explore possible connections. These sessions, which include inspiring visualizations, recharge my battery and motivate me to look forward to the next prospect, which we identify and address as a specific goal to work on. I leave the session feeling energized and empowered.

J. M.

Leg Muscle Pain: I developed groin and hamstring pain 3 months ago. The pain increased over a period of a few weeks to the point where it prevented me from attending my weekly pickup Ultimate Frisbee games. Two weeks ago, I did a tapping session with Dr. Burk during one of his classes that I was attending. My groin and hamstring pain was significantly reduced by the end of the tapping session. I continued tapping for seven days following that in-class tapping session, and my pain has continued to decrease. I have to admit that I had never considered tapping as a solution for physical pain, but I was amazed at how effectively it addressed my emotionally driven physical pain.

N. R.

Neck Pain: I stumbled across Larry Burk’s name on the internet when I was searching for medical intuitive work. I had gotten to a point with my back and neck pain that I was looking for a literal miracle. I had tried everything possible, from dry needling, chiropractic, craniosacral, massage, acupuncture, and traditional western medicine work ups. I was lacking in answers and only getting marginal relief from the multimodal approach I was undergoing. I had a sense that there was an emotional component to my body pain, but I couldn’t hone in on what specifically needed healing. Larry Burk guided me through a personalized EFT program using dream analysis to uncover my emotional and spiritual pain points. His intuition helped me identify the source of my deep emotional wounds that were manifesting as physical pain in my body. I had safely filed away my painful memories in my subconscious. I was even fooling myself, but my body wouldn’t let me forget. Larry’s skilled dream interpretation abilities were the miracle I was asking for. After my work with Larry, I was able to view my back and neck pain as a barometer for my general well being. When my pain is activating, I use the EFT tapping Larry has taught me to alleviate my symptoms. Larry is patient, knowledgeable and highly intuitive. I owe so much of my healing to him.

R. T.

Back Pain: In September 2018 I was shopping in a local grocery store when I was hit in the lower back as an employee was refilling the coffee bins with fresh beans. The back corner of the bin hit me directly on an area where I had had a previous injury. I was immediately in near crippling pain. The chiropractic care and acupuncture that I received in the following months helped tremendously as I began my recovery. However, as we neared Christmas and I began shopping I realized I was very “guarded” when someone came up behind me with a shopping cart. I would side step the approach or several times while in checkout I actually reached behind me and stopped the cart from getting any closer. I knew I was experiencing post-traumatic stress and I was extremely anxious about shopping anywhere. I tried doing an EFT treatment on myself but I simply couldn't connect with the issue and clear it. I contacted Larry and we had a phone session on December 7, 2018. We tapped into the fears associated with the experience as well as the fears of my back not getting better. One session and I was stress free! I was overwhelmed with pure joy! This was so freeing to be able to lay aside the anxiety and concern that was in so many ways crippling me and definitely preventing my healing. I must say I was shocked that everything cleared up so very quickly...wow! Fantastic! Thanks, Larry!! Keep up the good...no great work!

R. W. K.

Whiplash Injury: I had been rear-ended while stopped at an intersection 11 months prior to our tapping session. I still had stiffness and limited range of motion in my neck. I had been paralyzed by fear as I watched the oncoming car in my rearview mirror. While tapping on it with you I experienced a flashback to another car accident 29 years earlier. That accident had been more serious, and I remember being frozen in the middle of an intersection when a speeding car struck my car. My memories of being unable to get out of the intersection before the accident were intense, with especially vivid sounds of the oncoming car revving its engine. After the tapping session I was able to drive through Durham later that day and stop at intersections without a paralyzing fear of being rear-ended. Eight months later, my neck mobility is significantly improved and my fear is still gone.

J. S.

Foot Pain: I did tapping after being on my feet in our cafe. I have a knot on my left foot just below the big toe that an energy worker advised me was connected to fear of lack of abundance. It started hurting after running plates out to two large parties and being in the kitchen hustling to get the plates of chicken out. I know myself well enough to know that the time on my feet was not really at the root of my pain. In this case, it was anger about being pulled into table service when I simply intended to write and do a yoga practice that evening. I acknowledged that and tapped and the pain was gone.

P. J.

Sinusitis: I wanted to thank your work with me and the deeply healing shifts that have come out of it. It took about a week of processing in which I did tapping on myself and accessed the amazing visualizations that I experienced with you. I feel that I have reached a new place of acceptance of myself and my past as a result. I’m also deeply thankful for your guidance to a more empowered place as I confronted past abuse in my life. I have also been using tapping and some of your visualizations techniques with clients of mine. I didn’t have the presence at the time to give you feedback and really wanted you to know how helpful it was to me.

B. M.

Sinusitis and Bronchitis: I’m writing to thank you again for encouraging me to give the integrative practices time to work! I’m so much better. I did not have the sinus surgery. I saw my pulmonologist for a checkup yesterday, and he was stunned! He was very excited and wanted more information so that he possibly can help other patients with similar issues to mine. He also happens to be a friend of the original ENT who was going to do the surgery, and plans to let him know about my outcome and kid him about surgery not always being the thing to do! Anyway, I just want to thank you for our tapping sessions, and your encouragement to me to listen to what was happening and trust and be patient. I am using the tapping sequence we used with a number of my clients, all to great result. Thanks for the fine work you do, and for being a trail breaker in our current medical mindset!

S. S.

Lung Disease: The seminar you gave transformed my life. I had been plagued with “reactive airway disease” and “chronic bronchitis” since I moved here 2 years ago. My pulmonologist husband and my pulmonologist were scratching this heads and throwing yet another inhaler at me. The REVELATION of grief localizing in the lungs and sinuses was truly an epiphany for me! WOW, there was my answer! The tapping cleared it almost immediately, and I have remained clear since then. I felt the congestion coming back when I allowed myself to wallow in grief on Mother’s Day. I found myself starting to cough and to become short of breath. At that point I realized what I was doing to myself and immediately began the tapping and consciously willed myself out of the funk. It worked like magic once again. I cannot thank you enough for giving me this tool to heal myself.

L. M.

Interstitial Cystitis: I had frustrating and depressing interstitial cystitis consisting of very many autoimmune bladder flareups every day for 4 years prior to my Skype coaching session with Larry. I have been so blessed to work with him as he has helped me to integrate and heal on many different levels. He provides an open, safe space where I can say *anything* and I'm met with compassion and non-judgement. Working at this level of truth and release in conjunction with the way he weaves his EFT processes with dream work has allowed me to move more deeply and at light speed through my healing. Our work together has led to profound shifts in every area of my life; work, finances, love, relationships & health. My bladder has vastly improved. I don't even remember when I've had a flare up in recent months. The frequency has drifted away. It's so bizarre because I realize, oh yeah, it's not even been an issue??!! So grateful to have connected with this earth angel! Thank you, Larry!!!


Healing Options: Larry Burk’s teachings are transformational. He has a unique way of translating his medical background, spiritual learnings, client work and life experience in a relatable and transformative way for the benefit of participants and clients. He brings a scientist’s mind, a servant's spirit, an innate curiosity and empathic understanding of the power of life stories. He uses his unique lens to present healing options for our higher good. I highly recommend his courses and believe you will benefit from time with this teacher.

K. S.

Tapping and Dreams: I attended Dr Burk’s tapping retreat with my two daughters last summer. All three of us had many wonderful awakenings both spiritually and emotionally learning Dr Burk’s tapping techniques. We learned how to “tap” into the meaning of our dreams and how to use tapping to work through our fears and past traumas. I have tapped for some time but Dr Burk has been a wonderful resource to help me with EFT technique and methods to work through negative emotions. My daughters and I all enjoyed and got so much healing from this conference! We also were able to tap together on negative personal events we’ve encountered together. Tapping is by far the most effective, fast, drug free resource for releasing stuck negative emotions! I use it regularly and Dr Burk is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend his conference and especially as a family or with friends.

D. P.

Test-Taking Anxiety: I was very successful on my test! I tapped a few times between when I saw you and the test. I also did some tapping just prior to taking the test. I find it to be very calming, yet energizing. I most certainly tapped my way through my final semester at Watts Nursing School, and I am grateful to be employed full time in San Diego, California! I work for a naturopathic doctor and am learning a tremendous amount about all of the natural things we can do to maintain good health.

J. S.

Freedom from Nightmare Anxieties: Learning the Tapping Method and dream journaling from Larry were very rewarding for me. I have been struggling with extreme levels of social anxiety and chronic stress all my life. Every aspect of my life was negatively impacted by the mentioned struggles. Additionally, I was haunted by frightening nightmares most nights. But after learning to journal my dreams and see the wisdom in them, I got free of those nightmares. Dream journaling helped me discover some of the hidden thoughts and emotions behind my fears and that helped me overcome them.

S. J.

Anger Management: I wanted to share with you an interesting story from my morning activities after last night’s EFT class with my children, ages 7 and 9 y/o. My daughter (9 y/o) woke up this morning after her brother. She became very angry at him for waking before her because “he’s always bragging about getting up earlier.” My daughter quickly went from anger to pure, utter sobbing. I sat her down and we started tapping (EFT). I guided her through the “traumatic episode/feelings” similar to the way you guided us last night (not quite as amusing as you did, though). She immediately reported and visually presented as “tremendously relieved, calmed and released.” We then proceeded to another “traumatic episode” (long needles since she will have immunizations soon) and once again, she immediately reported and visually presented as “tremendously relieved, calmed and released.” Her coloring changed, her affect changed, her physical tension/tone changed, her breathing changed AND she got up, hugged her brother and went about singing, smiling and whistling the remainder of the morning. PRETTY DARN COOL! Thanks so much for the course! I will not be the only one in my family who benefits from this simple yet terribly effective procedure. (Can you teach this to children in the schools? What a FANTASTIC way to help these little people learn to cope with and manage these HUGE feelings they have bottled up inside.) Thank you!

F. P.

Pre-op Hypnosis for Surgery: A feeling of warmth, love and caring was the last feeling I had prior to receiving the Pre-0p medication from the anesthesiologist. Then the smile of a recovery room nurse awakened me. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Larry Burk using EFT to prepare me for surgery. I am in my early 70’s and never had surgery. To say the least, I had doubts and fears. Through EFT and guided imagery with Larry, I was able to release fears, prepare myself emotionally for surgery and had a very positive experience!

B. F.

Chakra Course: In this course, Transforming the Lower 4 Chakras, Larry presents simple, yet effective practices for tuning into the lower 4 chakras. I had little experience or knowledge going into this course, but was able to glean much usefulness and insight from the material. All of it will be useful as I continue to work on these on my own going forward. There was lively discussion and ample opportunity for questions during the class. I was able to gain insight from the things that other participants shared. One highlight for me was gaining insight into the powerful connection between the chakras and lived experience, health, behaviors, etc. I highly recommend this course.

J. C.