IGNITING Your Power in the Lower Chakras

Jun 22, 2017
Posted by Larry Burk | 0 comments

The lower 4 chakras contain our childhood traumas that hold us back from achieving many of our life goals. Tapping into Wealth coach Margaret Lynch has created a magical Ignite Your Power tapping program using EFT to clear these energetic blocks. By bringing light to your hidden shadows this transformative process may impact many areas of your life including your health and the optimal functioning of your higher chakras. I describe my experience of the certification training program in the June 2017 Let Magic Happen newsletter and in the video below.

Lower Chakra shadow issues and powers

1st Root Chakra:  Fear and safety
2nd Navel Chakra: Anger and creativity
3rd Solar Plexus: Craving and Self-esteem
4th Heart Chakra: Grief and Forgiveness