ESCAPING From Stress With Anodyne Imagery

Mar 29, 2013
Posted by Larry Burk | 0 comments

The techniques in Anodyne Imagery can be modified for personal use in stressful situations. You can apply them to dental procedures, MRI scans, having blood drawn or other anxiety provoking events. The steps for relaxation breathing, preferred place imagery and symptom management are described below in the 10 minute video. For details on how I learned about it from Donna Hamilton, see the March 2013 Let Magic Happen newsletter, Anodyne Imagery.

The imagery steps are as follows:
1) Inform the personnel who will be working with you that you will be using imagery and relaxation techniques to manage any discomfort during the procedure.
2) Eliminate negative language from the dialogue and consciously use positive or neutral language to create self-confidence and relaxation.
3) Do relaxation breathing by beginning with a complete expiration, followed by a deep inspiration of relaxation and another expiration to just completely let go.
4) Use nonspecific preferred place imagery by asking, “What favorite place would I prefer to be in right now?” 
5) Manage symptoms with the suggestion, “Allow an image to come up that represents that symptom.” Then modify the image to make it more comfortable.
6) Learn to trust your intuition as it works with the proper healing intention to come up with the appropriate images and modifications at just the right time.