ENHANCING Intuition With Hemi-Sync Technology

Feb 01, 2015
Posted by Larry Burk | 4 comments

Hemi-Sync binaural beats were developed by Bob Monroe to slow down the brain waves into the theta state allowing spontaneous imagery experiences for enhanced intuition. This process will be used in the upcoming 5/22-24/2015 Monroe Medical Intuition Workshop as described in the February 2015 Let Magic Happen newsletter.  The highlights of the previous December workshop are discussed by medical intuitive Winter Robinson in the 5 minute video interview with me below:

Excerpt from Chapter 10 Let Magic Happen:
Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist

Monroe had spontaneous out-of-body experiences while experimenting with sleep learning techniques. His book describes his attempts to apply the scientific method to evaluate his adventures traveling in what he described as the “second body.” He created a technical breakthrough of “binaural” beats sounded through stereo headphones with a slightly different frequency in each ear. These binaural beats entrain the brainwaves to the “beat frequency,” which is the difference between the two frequencies. To shift to the alpha state, Monroe used frequencies that differed by 8 to 12 Hz, one in each ear. For theta states, he adjusted the difference to 4 to 8 Hz, and for delta states, to 1.5 to 4 Hz.