ELECTRIFYING Yourself for Fun and Healing

Oct 27, 2012
Posted by Larry Burk | 2 comments

We have the special privilege of a Halloween guest appearance on the blog video this month by Dr. Nicholas Tesla, great-grandson of the electromagnetic genius Nikola Tesla. He will give a shocking demonstration of the Tesla Violet Ray Machine. Local pawn shops may sell similar machines, but you would be better off buying one that actually has proven clinical benefits. Therefore I will also demonstrate four scientifically tested devices from Norm Shealy, MD, PhD. The Halloween 2012 Let Magic Happen newsletter is about such Bioelectromagnetic Devices.

Norm Shealy’s Bioelectromagnetic Devices, www.normshealy.com

Dorsal Column Stimulator: Electrode implanted onto the spinal cord for controlling pain and spasticity. (Do not try this one at home!)
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS): Electrodes placed directly on the skin for pain control.
Shealy Relaxmate II: Photostimulation brain wave synchronizer glasses using blue and red flashing lights at between 1 and 7 Hz.
Liss Stimulator: Cranial electrical stimulator with electrodes placed on opposite sides of the skull.
RejuvaMatrix: Solar homeopathy mattress with embedded copper grid attached to a Tesla coil generating 54 to 78 GHz.