DESENSITIZE your past Valentine disasters with EFT

Feb 12, 2011
Posted by Larry Burk | 2 comments

You can DESENSITIZE yourself to past Valentine’s Day disasters by tapping them away with EFT.  Then there will be room in your energy field for the real love that you are bringing into your life. The intention for this blog is to outline the steps for you to Let Magic Happen in your life this year.  The blog is coordinated with the monthly newsletter which features a different clinical topic each month.

A 4 minute video is included this month.

Monthly blogs entries will include a short video detailing the process involved in each sequential step of the EDANVIR Tapping Protocol which can be found on the EFT tapping handout. This protocol is the same one I use with clients in my private practice.  After the EFT steps there will be additional breathwork, shaking, imagery and color reframing components.

The second step in the EDANVIR protocol is “D” for DESENSITIZE your tapping issue as demonstrated on the video and detailed here. We began the ENERGIZE first step last month by picking a reminder phrase, using “a terrible emotional trauma from the past” as a generic example. This month we will continue by tapping on it repeatedly. Tap with the middle finger, six to seven times or just long enough to say the reminder phrase once at each point.

The best metaphor to describe what is happening in this step is thinking of the brain as a computer.  The reminder phrase is like the file name for the past trauma stored in your memory.  A program was installed through your acupuncture meridians at the time of the original trauma.  You run the program by saying the reminder phrase, and then hit the delete key over and over again until it is uninstalled from your file.

The next time you open the file, the memory will still be there, but there will be no program to run.  Your body will be unaffected by the memory, so you will have emotional freedom.  The good news is that if you tap an issue from the past down to a 0 SUD score, it will stay there.  However, it is possible that other aspects which you did not address may present themselves for more tapping afterwards.

Start with the left Eyebrow point where the inside of the eyebrow comes close to the bridge of the nose.  It corresponds to the 2nd point on the Bladder meridian.  Say the phrase loud enough so you feel it. Screaming or crying it is even better. Tap hard enough to make a noise, but not hard enough to cause a bruise or make a dent in your head.

Repeat on the Side of Eye point on the bone next to your eye.  It corresponds to the 1st point on the Gall Bladder meridian.  Repeat on the Under Eye point on the cheek bone under your eye.  It corresponds to the 1st point on the Stomach meridian. 

Repeat on the Under Nose point on your upper lip.  It corresponds to the 26th point on the Governor Vessel meridian.  Repeat on the Chin point under your lower lip.  It corresponds to the 24th point on the Conception Vessel meridian. 

Repeat on the Collarbone point on the medial bump of the clavicle.  It corresponds to the 26th point on the Kidney meridian.  Repeat on the Under Arm point on the ribs below your arm pit.  It corresponds to the 21st point on the Spleen meridian. 

Repeat on the Under Breast point on your lower ribs below the nipple.  It corresponds to the 14th point on the Liver meridian.  Repeat on the Top of Head point at the very top of your head.  It corresponds to the 20th point on the Governor Vessel meridian. 

Take a deep breath in and imagine inhaling your favorite color throughout your body.  Exhale and blow out a different color that represents the issue you are tapping on. Continuing the computer metaphor, repeat the color breathing as many times as needed to empty the trash from your body.  Allow the negative energy to drain into the ground through your feet to be recycled by the earth.

Now you are done with the DESENSITIZE step, and you are ready to go on to the next step which will be “A” for AWFULIZE in March.  In the meantime, you can start using the whole protocol ahead of time by downloading the handout and reviewing the February 2011 Newsletter which illustrates the use of this approach in healing frozen shoulder.

All of the steps in the EDANVIR protocol and the clinical topics will be included in the new book I am writing, Let Magic Happen: Synchronicities, Healing Stories and Techniques of a Holistic Radiologist, to be published later in 2011.  There will also be many other topics and techniques in the book that will not be covered in the blog or newsletter.  I am planning a sequel based on readers’ experiences with the techniques, so please let me know how they work for you.

Please feel free to post your comments or stories below about this second step in the EFT protocol or about frozen shoulder from the newsletter. I will screen the comments for appropriateness as moderator of the blog and add my own responses if needed for clarification. You can also follow me on Twitter if you like @LetMagicHappen.  I look forward to reading your comments.

Happy tapping and let magic happen, Larry Burk, MD, CEHP