Marian Apparitions and Prophecies

Apr 04, 2021
Posted by Larry Burk | 0 comments

On January 8, 2007, my friend Christopher Bledsoe, Sr., had a most unusual encounter with the Divine Feminine in the form of three angels who healed him of longstanding Crohn’s disease. His otherworldly UFO experience is well documented in The Fayetteville Incident, a 2008 Discovery Channel TV show featuring interviews by a team of MUFON investigators. His extraterrestrial visitations are ongoing, and in 2012 the angels brought him to meet the White Lady, an ET version of the Blessed Mother. All these topics and more will be covered in my 5/6/21 Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Thursday evening lecture on Apocalyptic Dreams, Marian Apparitions and Praying the Rosary. Read the White Lady’s messages in the Marian Apparitions & Prophecies: Past, Present & Future blog.

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