Asymptomatic MRI Findings

Feb 22, 2022
Posted by Larry Burk | 0 comments

If you have new onset of low back pain and your MRI just shows one or more of the findings of aging, how should you respond to this diagnostic information? Could the abnormality have been there already before you developed the symptoms? If the symptoms persist will surgery improve the situation? Is there any other mind-body-spirit explanation for your pain that could be addressed with safe and inexpensive self-healing techniques?

In my recent blog Holistic Healing for Pain and Inflammation I announced a new 2022 free 1 hour Zoom class on the 3rd Tuesday evenings of the month to learn some of these techniques. I will also be offering an online Tapping Into Health course through Duke Integrative Medicine one evening a week in the month of April. Individual Zoom coaching is available including a free 20-minute phone consult that can be requested through my website.

More information about asymptomatic MRI findings can be found in this blog Is My MRI Abnormality the Cause of My Pain?

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