Let Magic Happen By Larry Burk

The Weston A. Price Foundation
Dec 11, 2013

Let Magic Happen recounts the journey of a radiologist from conventional to holistic medicine. His journey includes discovery of the Weston A. Price Foundation and a diet of nutrient-dense food. But Burk’s main interest is in energy healing, and he was instrumental in organizing several conferences on this subject at Duke University. He describes the synchronistic events that led him down this path, and speculates on the science and physics of intuitive and energy medicine, based on his background in magnetic resonance imaging.


One Radiologist’s Journey to Holistic Medicine – Lessons in

Blog Talk Radio
Jan 18, 2013

ncreasing numbers of people, according to surveys conducted, have been turning to alternative and more natural methods of healing. However, we don’t expect to see many M. D.s turning their backs on allopathic medicine. The ones who have done this and turned to more natural healing modes have been pioneers and have discovered healing techniques that have surprised them in their effectiveness. What could they teach us?