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Healing Lower Chakra Shadow Issues in Physical Illnesses

May 11, 2020
Posted by Larry Burk | 0 comments

In a complex disease like cancer, it is important to heal all four lower chakra shadow issues to relieve the associated pain and decrease side effects from treatment. Many of these mind-body-spirit self-healing techniques will be highlighted in the 1 Habit to Beat Cancer Summit, May 25 — June 3, 2020, where I am giving two talks on Making the Word Cancer Hurt Less and Dissolving the Fear of Chemo, Radiation, Surgery and Much More.

After the Summit, I’ll be offering a Masterclass on Mind-Body-Spirit Self-Healing Approaches to Cancer Pain which will include meditation, expressive writing, EFT, hypnosis and dreamwork. The scientific evidence and basic principles will be reviewed in the first class followed by four classes of experiential exercises focused on the emotions of fear, anger, shame and grief. Involvement of the lower chakras in autoimmune, pain, diabetic and sinus conditions are detailed in the rest of my blog on Healing Lower Chakra Shadow Issues in Physical Illnesses.

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